This site is curated and maintained by Only One Planet. We gratefully received funding from Khmer Enterprise for it's creation, and we rely on collaborations to continue our work!

Only One Planet is a Social Enterprise that self-funds through the sale of eco-friendly food packaging and reusable items. Our main goal is impact - we want to help people understand the bigger issues surrounding plastic, and support local projects and initiatives that will help everyone to make better choices. We understand that 100% zero waste is unobtainable in our modern world, but if we all did a little, then our collective actions and shared knowledge can ultimately make our planet a better place.

Our Environmental Actions and Projects

As a social enterprise, Only One Planet undertakes a number of initiatives and projects (in addition to this website). We have given numerous talks, hosted workshops and clean up events...and continue to look for new collaborations. Here's just a few examples of our latest projects....

Pay It Forward Glass Recycling

A community based glass recycling project that enables businesses and individuals to divert their glass from the landfills

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Repair Fair

We piloted the first ever 'repair fair' at Gateway to Khmer on April 24, 2022 - and event designed to help people repair their items instead of buying new. Over 300 items were repaired at the event! We are considering to make this a repetitive event.

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Monthly Meet Ups

We host monthly "Eco Drinks" meet ups on the last Thursday of each month. We try to schedule a short presentation by a person or orgnaisation that is doing good things, but the main focus is to simply meet each other and build a community, share information and connect!

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The Story of Plastic

With support from the Heinrich Boll Foundation, we were able to get this great documentary dubbed in Khmer Language. We provide this free to any organisation, business or NGO that wants to schedule a viewing for their training purposes.


Phnom Tamao Plastics Training

In August 2022, with support from SHE Investments, we were able to donate plastic free packaging to park vendors as well as give 2 sessions of plastic awareness training to the vendors.

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We are here for you! No matter if you are a business, an individual, or traveler, we are here to support you in your journey to reducing your waste and creating positive impact!

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Our Partners

These are the good folks that inspire us to keep moving forward. We love working with people that are passionate about our environment - they make our job easier and so much more enjoyable!

Help Us Keep This Site Relevant!

Submit your business, tell us about a great repair vendor you know, or a recycling resource in your community that's missing! Also, if you visit a business that isn't living up to their claims, we'd like to hear about that, too. Forms to submit this information is on each page, or drop us a message here!