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Eco-business quick links

The following links will take you to a wealth of environmental information and resources.. Scroll down this page for a map!

About eco-business:

We wanted to build this site in response to the difficulty many people face in learning more about the environmental issues that speak to them. There’s a lot of noise out there, and people often find things like recycling resources and repair shops by word of mouth. Consumers are increasingly interested and willing to support businesses that care not only about profits but also about their impact on our one and only planet…so we thought we’d try to make that information easier to find, hoping that businesses that take environmental actions will receive the exposure they deserve and encourage others to do the same. 

You can see the results of the survey mentioned in above graphics here:

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Comments or Suggestions?

Please drop us a line to share your thoughts! We need your help to keep this site relevant....please tell us about a great local repair vendor you use, a recycling resource that might be missing, a local org that is doing great things...or if a business is not living up to it's claims about their eco actions. We update regularly to keep you informed and ready to do great things!

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